MAG-MATE MX2750HC1 45 lbs. Lifting Capacity, Magnetic Hook Type Magnetic Lifting Tool

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  • Brand: MAG-MATE
  • Model #: MX2750HC1
  • Type: Magnetic Hook
  • Lifting Capacity: 45 lbs.
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Product Specifications
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Weight 0.65 lbs.
Type Magnetic Hook
Length 4-3/8"
Model # MX2750HC1
Width 1"
Lifting Capacity 45 lbs.
Height 2"
Color Silver
Finish Coating Galvanized
Holder Diameter 2-7/8"
Holding Value Round Items 45 lbs.
Prop. 65 Yes
Tool Material Steel

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Mag-Mate Hook-type Magnetic Holders for Easy Storing of Hoses and Cords. The providers of a wide range of electromagnetic products, Mag-Mate presents hook-type magnetic lifting tools ideal for both household and industrial use. The MX2750HC1 model magnetic hooks are easy-to-operate tools that can securely hold hoses, cords, cables, and other similar items. You can effortlessly attach the holders to any flat steel surface, and you are not required to perform additional screwing or other installing jobs to fix them. Since these holders are magnet-based, you can fix and reposition them faster and easier than the non-magnetic hooks available in the market. Mag-Mate magnetic hose/cord hooks are made of stainless steel, and thus, they efficiently defend against corrosion. The magnet-based holders come with a glossy and smooth silver-colored outer finishing, and they have a galvanized surface that eliminates mechanical shocks remarkably. The MX2750HC1-model magnetic cord holder comes with a height of 2 inches, a length of 43/8 inches, and a width of 1 inch. Their holder diameter is 2⅞ inches. This American product, weighing only 0.65 pounds, comes with a holding power of 45 pounds. Moreover, these rugged magnetic lifting holders provide a handy small hook at the top. This additional hook helps you keep the ends of hoses/cords/cables from unraveling. The Mag-Mate magnetic holders are equipped with plated permanent ceramic cup magnets that are strong enough to store your workplace hoses, cords, ropes, cables, etc. conveniently. These sturdy hooks are a versatile solution for storing the cables and other stuff when not in use. Since they can hang the items onto the sides of your steel shelves or workbenches, they save much of your space, and thus they are an effective tool in confined working areas and tool rooms.


  • Mag-Mate magnetic hooks are a versatile solution for storing the cables and similar stuff when not in use.
  • You can effortlessly fix these hook-type holders on any flat steel surface so that you need not do any additional screwing or installing.
  • The magnet-based holders can be fixed and repositioned quickly.
  • Their stainless steel body prevents corrosion.
  • The galvanized, silver-colored outer finishing eliminates mechanical shocks.
  • The MX2750HC1 model magnetic hooks help you save space in your workplaces.


  • The MX2750HC1 model hook-type magnetic lifting tool is the best holder you can utilize for both household and workshop storing needs.
  • The rugged stainless steel Mag-Mate magnetic holders can hold and store hoses, cords, ropes, cables, etc.
  • An additional small-sized hook is included in the design of these magnetic holders so that you can keep the ends of hoses/cord/cables from unraveling.


  • Mag-Mate magnetic lifting hooks are made of stainless steel.
  • The sturdy holders have a galvanized silver-colored smooth surface finish.
  • The MX2750HC1-model magnetic holders come with a 2-inch height, a 43/8-inch length, and a 1-inch width.
  • The holder diameter of these hooks is 2-⅞ inches.
  • They weigh around 0.65 pounds but can easily hold things of weight 45 pounds.
  • The magnetic lifting holders are equipped with a plated permanent ceramic cup magnet.


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