NOGA MC0103 Mini-Cool Replacement 19" (485mm) Hose Coolant System & Pump Accessory

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  • Brand: NOGA
  • Model #: MC0103
  • Hose Length: 19.00" (485mm)
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Product Specifications
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Brand NOGA
Model # MC0103
Type Mini-Cool Replacement 19" (485mm) Hose
For Use With MC1700, MC3000
Hose Length 19.00" (485mm)
Style 19" Replacement hose
Length 19"
Prop. 65 Yes
Weight 1 lb.
Country of Origin ISRAEL

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Choose wisely and go for this simple, portable, and affordable cooling spray unit. The Minicool cooling spray unit from NOGA is a user-friendly air and liquid mixed cooling spray applicator that can be mounted on any metallic surface or machine. The cooling spray unit has a strong magnetic base and follows the Venturi principle. It provides a mixture of air and liquid spray so that you can easily control it while in use, i.e., for you it will be easy to control both the air-flow rate and the liquid-flow rate. The spray unit also comes in one nozzle or two nozzle applicator with flexible syphon hose and an air hose, making its application easy and smooth. These stainless steel hoses are with an air line length and suction line length of 1m each. Besides, you can customize the lengths as per your specific purposes. This Minicool cutting fluid applicator offers separate controls for air and liquid flow and comprises a control valve, a spray unit, an air line and a syphon line, and an on/off Popeye magnet, with a "V" base that makes it easily mountable even on non-flat metallic surfaces. Also, you can choose from different hose varieties, such as 2m syphon hose, 2m air hose, or a 2m syphon and air hoses, according to your requirement.
Extends tool life


  • The Minicool spray unit is easy to use and much affordable to opt for.
  • Its quality assures durability.
  • It is tough and withstands in the long run.
  • No hazardous ingredients in the coolant supplied.
  • No fire hazard with coolant type.


  • The air-plus-liquid Minicool cooling spray can be used for many industrial applications where you have to deal with heat generation.
  • Works well on various belt sanders, grinders, mill, and lather.
  • A valuable addition to CNC operations.
  • Use in the machining of any metal or alloy in any operation.


  • The control valve uses a Popeye magnet, making it easy to mount on metallic surfaces.
  • The spray unit comes with the standard 1m sized air line and suction line. You can choose from different hose varieties.
  • The unit includes flexible, stainless steel air and syphon hoses.
  • It works on the Venturi effect and uses both air and liquid spray flow to enhance its functionality.


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