STARRETT 11H-6-4R 2 Piece, 6" Blade Reversible Head Type Combination Square Set

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  • Brand: STARRETT
  • Model #: 11H-6-4R
  • No. of Pieces in Set: 2
  • Blade Length: 6"
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Product Specifications
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Model # 11H-6-4R
Blade Length 6"
Type 2 Piece
Graduation 4R (8ths, 16ths, 32nds, 64ths)
Tool Material Cast Iron
No. of Pieces in Set 2
Protractor Head Type Reversible
Application Multi-use! Use as a depth gage, height gage, rule, plumb or scribing gage
Blade Finish Regular
Finish Coating Black Wrinkle Finish
Prop. 65 Yes
Type of Reading Inch
Weight 0.5 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Starrett 2-piece Combination Square Sets for Error-free Versatile Measuring. With centuries of experience in tool making, one of the most popular names, Starrett presents 2-piece combination square sets with a graduated 12 inches blade. The set includes a square/miter head, one scriber, a reversible lock bolt, a spirit level, and a well-machined blade made of hardened steel. The 4R regular-finish blade included in the set gives 8ths, 16ths, and quick-reading 32nds and 64ths graduations. The graduations are photo-engraved on the blade such that even with prolonged use, the readings do not fade away. Moreover, the blade provides inch graduations. The cast-iron square/miter head comes with a classic black-wrinkle finish, while the hardened steel head comes in a smooth black enamel coating. Both help you mark or measure 45-degree and 90-degree angles hassle-free. The scriber is provided for making on-the-go markings on your workpieces. Moreover, you can use the spirit level to check the alignment of surfaces. Starrett 12 inches combination square sets are multi-use measuring and referencing tools. You can make use of them as a depth or height gauge, a rule, a plumb, or as a scribing gauge. For easily transferring dimensions, you can use these combination squares. Combination square sets from Starrett have been an all-time favorite among mechanics, toolmakers, carpenters, etc. as these are versatile enough to serve woodworking, metalworking, stonemasonry, and so many other related fields. Further, this set can effectively be employed to set up different layouts with angles involved, draw lines perpendicular or parallel to edges, draw shapes with specific dimensions, check the accuracy of cut angles, recalibrate machining tools' alignment, and many more.
Multi-use! Use as a depth gage, height gage, rule, plumb or scribing gage


  • Starrett provides you with multi-use 2-piece combination square sets that are proven to be long-enduring.
  • The photo-engraved 4R graduations stay longer and do not fade away even with constant use.
  • The scriber lets you have handy markings on your workpieces, and the spirit level helps you check the alignment of surfaces.
  • By using the reversible lock bolt, you can easily lock or unlock the head from the blade, speeding up your operations.


Multi-use! Use as a depth gage, height gage, rule, plumb or scribing gage


  • Starrett offers 2-piece combination square sets with a square/miter head and a 12 inches blade.
  • The sturdy head comes with faces for 45° and 90° markings, and the set also includes a scriber, a reversible lock bolt, and a spirit level.
  • The hardened steel blade has a regular finish with inch-based graduations on it.
  • The 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, and 64ths graduations provided are photo-engraved.


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