STARRETT 120A-6 0 - 6" Range, White Face Dial Caliper

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  • Brand: STARRETT
  • Model #: 120A-6
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Product Specifications
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Model # 120A-6
Type With Thumb Roll
Measuring Range 0 - 6"
Dial Color White
Graduation .001"
Inside Measurement Yes
Jaw Depth 1-1/2"
Prop. 65 Yes
Range Per Revolution .100"
Tool Material Stainless steel
Type of Reading Inch
Weight 1.5 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Starrett One-rev Dial Calipers for Flawless and Quick Readings. Starrett offers a versatile set of one-rev dial calipers for measuring outside, inside, and depth dimensions at the rate of thousandths of an inch over a full revolution. The models come in both inch and metric graduations. The dial faces of these dial slide calipers are offered in white, red, black, and yellow colors with contrast markings on them, while the main scale is given a satin finish with sharp black graduations on it. So, you can easily read clear graduations on both. For performing inside and outside measurements, knife-edge contacts are provided with the calipers. For depth measurements, some models come with a depth rod, and for others, a depth base attachment is offered. The thumb roll helps you easily make fine adjustments with just one hand. The rack, measuring surfaces, depth rod, and gears are all made of hardened stainless steel, which adds up to their tool life and consistent performance and precision. A bezel screw is provided for zero adjusting the dial and a lock screw for locking the sliding jaw in place. The positive split gear allows the calipers to have anti-backlash control. The devices also offer direct readings, reliability, and high accuracy, and they are easy to handle as well. Hence, these are considered the best-choice dial calipers by mechanics and toolmakers. Starrett's dial calipers ensure quick and accurate measurements. They are the everyday tool for engineers, machinists, scientists, mechanics, and technicians used in manufacturing, inspecting, analyzing, and reverse engineering applications. They are the preferred tool in industries such as automotive, construction, machining, science labs, etc. Moreover, Starrett supplies these dial calipers in a well-molded durable plastic/wooden case.
Supplied with fitted case


  • Due to sharp and clear markings on the dial face and the main scale, you can easily read values with Starrett's dial calipers.
  • The thumb roll is for one-hand fine adjustments, and the bezel screw helps in zero adjusting the dial.
  • The sturdy build enhances their tool life and ensures consistent performance.
  • The calipers have anti-backlash control since they have a positive split gear.
  • These easy-to-use devices let you have direct, reliable, and accurate readings.


  • Starrett's precision dial calipers are the best to measure inside, outside, and depth dimensions of tools, machine parts, or workpieces.
  • Mechanics, machinists, toolmakers, engineers, technicians, and other professionals use these calipers every day for getting quick and accurate measurements.
  • The dial calipers are excellent to be used in automotive, construction, machining, and other industries for manufacturing, inspecting and analyzing objects.


  • Starrett's one-rev dial calipers come with graduations in the inch/metric system.
  • The dial indicators are available in white, red, black, and yellow dial face colors with contrast markings on them.
  • Their main scale has a satin-finish with black markings on it.
  • All models offer knife-edged inside and outside measuring faces.
  • They also have depth rods or depth base attachments for depth measuring.
  • The rack, measuring faces, gears, etc. are made of hardened stainless steel.


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