TRICO 30802 No. of Lines: 2, Line Length: 6' Drop Mist Coolant System

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  • Brand: TRICO
  • Model #: 30802
  • No. of Lines: 2
  • Length of Line: 6'
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Product Specifications
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Model # 30802
Type Micro-Drop® Dispenser
Air Consumption 1.7 CFM/line
No. of Lines 2
Length of Line 6'
Style 2 Lines - Manual On/Off
Air Inlet Size 1/4" NPT
Delivery Line Length 6'
Inlet Air Pressure 60-125 PSI
Liquid Flow Range 2 - 16 drop/minute
Liquid Viscosity 50 - 200 SUS
Nozzle Type 18"Loc-Line®
Prop. 65 Yes
Recommended Filter Strength 40 micron
Weight 20 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Most Cost-effective & User-friendly Micro-Drop Dispensers from TRICO. MD-1200 Micro-Drop Dispensers from TRICO dispense only small quantities of coolant or lubricant fluids so that the fluids are not wasted, unlike in flood cooling. Moreover, with these dispensers, there are no coolant sumps attached, and so you can use them with minimal maintenance. Since they dispense only the required amount of coolant fluids, you are free from disposing of the fluids. The MD-1200 micro-drop dispensers come with easy-to-use manual controls. They use a relative liquid scale so that you don't have to adjust the liquid flow rate when using them for different applications. The settings can be used repeatedly, and this saves you time and effort. The dispensers employ a positive pressure design, which can deliver the lubricant or coolant fluids instantly. Moreover, they come with one-way valves for you to mount nozzles in multiple positions. The nozzles are designed in such a way that it prevents fogging and allows for a cleaner working environment. This high-energy design provides you with enhanced chip clearance and faster and smoother machining processes. However, TRICO's MD-1200 dispenses are not meant for applying water-soluble fluids as they can clog some components and cause damage. To avoid this, TRICO offers fluids that are safer to be used with these dispensers, including micro-drop vegetable lubricant or synthetic lubricant. The non-cyclic micro-dispensers come with a 6-feet polyurethane delivery hose and an 18-inch Loc-Line nozzle. The liquid flow range of these dispensers is from 2 to 6 drops/minute, and the allowed viscosity of the fluid is 50 to 200 SUS. When the inlet air pressure is 60 to 125 psi, the air consumption is up to 1.7 CFM/line. Moreover, each dispenser is with a reservoir capacity of 16 ounces.
High energy nozzle design eliminates fogging for cleaner environment, greater chip clearing power and faster feeds & speeds


  • With TRICO's MD-1200 micro-drop dispensers, there is no wasting of coolants or lubricants as they dispense only micro-amounts of fluids on application.
  • They are more cost-effective than flood cooling as only required fluid amounts are used for each application.
  • With these dispensers, maintenance is reduced, and the disposing of the fluids is not needed.
  • The micro-dispensers come with easy-to-use manual controls.
  • With repeatable settings, you don't have to adjust the flow rate for different applications.


  • MD-1200 micro-drop dispensers from TRICO are the most cost-effective solution for those applications wherein flood cooling is not a feasible option.
  • The dispensers work the best for machining jobs, including sawing, milling, tapping, etc.
  • These manual on/off dispensers are safer when you use micro-drop vegetable or synthetic lubricant fluids offered by TRICO.


  • TRICO MD-1200 micro-drop dispensers have individual air and liquid controls with independent line adjustment, offering flexibility.
  • They come in 6 feet long 1-line or 2-line manual operating varieties with an 18 inches Loc-Line nozzle.
  • The air consumption is 1.7 CFM/line, and the fluid flows at a 2-16 drops/minute rate.
  • Their air inlet size is 1/4 inches, while their air inlet pressure is 60-125 psi.
  • The dispensers provide a lifetime warranty if identified with manufacturing defects.


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