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Problem: Manually mixing and proportioning lubricants and other liquids can be time-consuming and repetitive
Solution: A bottom-feeding pump design makes the mixing process easy and automatic.

Mixing hundreds of gallons per day? Is it a pain to switch from working mix to make-up? Tired of hauling coolant in buckets to your machine? If so, you are ready for a proportioning pump!How It Works:Your concentrate is drawn in through the bottom port and metered by the adjustable screw for a constant amount of water being drawn in through the fitting on the other side. The entire arm moves back and forth so that your fluid is being injected into the water stream. The mixing occurs at the exit fitting, and proceeds to your tank. You can watch what is being drawn in the clear block, and you know the unit is working perfectly by seeing the draw arm moving.


  • Perfectly mixed fluid at every use.
  • Delivers mix through hose or conduit right to your machine.
  • No need to verify concentration once initially determined.
  • Compact with few moving parts.
  • Can be permanently mounted to wall.
  • Maximum viscosity of 700 SUS.
  • 800' lateral maximum delivery.
  • 20' vertical maximum delivery.
  • Works for concentrates in pails, barrels, or totes (6' intake hose included).

Technical Data

Mixing Ratios
  • Model #MIXPP518: 70:1 low and 7:1 high
  • Model #MIXPP532: 40:1 low and 4:1 high

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Item #: 96-004-855Brand: ZEBRA SKIMMERSModel #: MIXPP518Type: 1.4-12.3% Mix Range Proportioning PumpPrice:
Item #: 96-004-856Brand: ZEBRA SKIMMERSModel #: MIXPP532Type: 2.4-20.0% Mix Range Proportioning PumpPrice: