Use our easy-to-print Preventative Maintenance PDF Checklist to proactively increase the safety and productivity of your facility and equipment. Utilize this checklist periodically to be sure you've thoroughly inspected your building's interior and exterior, your HVAC system, pneumatic tooling, and machinery, and ensure potential issues are addressed before they become problematic. See the links below to replenish low supplies, and to shop for the tools and equipment required to perform any necessary maintenance.

additional resources:

Implementing 5S Checklist

Learn the steps to take as you introduce 5S to your machine shop and to ensure continual improvement & sustainability of 5S in the future.

Benefits Of 5S & Getting Lean

Learn how lean methodology and implementing 5S improves your shop's efficiency via optimizing your facility's organization.


Metalworking Fluid & Sump Maintenance Guide

Learn steps you can take to improve the efficiency and performance of your metalworking fluids.

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