Screw Machine Drill Set
Viking 29 Piece 1/16 to 1/2 X 64ths 135? Premium High Speed Screw Machine Drill Set

Screw Machine Drill Set

Made In The USA
Item #: 01-912-245
Size Type: Fractional
Size: 1/16" to 1/2" by 64ths
Drill Point Angle: 135°

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Designed for series 300 stainless steel, except for 303


  • Much tougher than cobalt steel.
  • Thin web design will penetrate the work hardening (series 300, except for 303 which is free machining) stainless steel fast enough to continually cut beneath the chip which is hardening from deformation.
  • 135° split point design stops drill walking, holds tighter hole size and takes a smaller chip resulting in less heat.
  • Low temperature stress relief improves lubricity and toughness.


  • Outperforms cobalt drills in work hardening stainless steel applications.


  • Manufactured to NAS 907C specification.
  • Nitro-carburized flute has an increased Rockwell hardness.
  • Rich amber color.
Product Specifications
Size Type Fractional
Size 1/16" to 1/2" by 64ths
Drill Point Angle 135°
Tool Material Premium High Molybdenum M2 High Speed Steel
Finish Coating Black & Bronze
Cutting Direction Right Hand
Point Sharpening Type Split Point
Coating Black & Bronze Oxide
Coolant Through No
Drill Grade Heavy Duty
Drill Type Screw Machine
Flute Shape Standard Spiral, Helical Flute
Grade Heavy Duty
Helix Angle 30°
Material To Be Machined Stainless steels
Model # SPT-29
No. of Flutes 2
No. of Pieces 29
No. of Sizes 29
Sets_Combo Yes
Shank Size 1/8"
Shank Style Straight Shank
Size Range 1/16" to 1/2" x64th's
Taper Per Side Viking 29 Piece 1/16" to 1/2" X 64ths 135° Premium High Speed Screw Machine Drill Set
Type Screw Machine Drill Set
Weight 3.25
Workpiece Material Stainless steels

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