SG Coated CNC Stub Length Drill
NACHI SG Coated CNC Stub Length Drills - Drill Point Angle: 135°   Tool Material: Cobalt powder HSS   Drill Type: Stub Length   Overall Length : 4-1/8   Point Sharpening Type: Split Point   Size : 7/16

SG Coated CNC Stub Length Drill

Item #: 01-047-258

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Made from cobalt powder high speed steel with composite multi-layer SG coating


  • 40-50% less expensive than carbide.
  • Double speeds and feeds than conventional HSS-Co drills.
  • Forgiving power of HSS-Co drills; great for use on machines with RPM restrictions.
  • Consistent tool life.
  • End mill shank provides better hole tolerance and stable positioning within 15µm.
  • Self centering point delivers greater hole quality than standard HSS-cobalt drills.


  • 135° 3 facet point.
  • SG multi-layer coating.
  • Reduced drill cycle time.
  • Common end mill shank (fits standard collets).
  • Higher feed rates.
Nachi 1245583 7/16" SG Coated CNC Stub Length Drill w/End Mill Shank