Step Drill Sets
POWERBOR Step Drill Sets - Size Range: 3/8~15/16

Step Drill Sets

Item #: 26-035-537
Size Range: 3/8" to 15/16"
No. of Holes: Assorted
Finish Coating: Black Oxide

Ships: Directly from the Mfr.

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Designed for use in Powerbor® magnetic drilling machines


  • Allows a number of popular hole sizes to be drilled with just one tool.
  • Reduces cost per hole.


  • Enlarges and realigns exisitng holes.
  • For general engineering, bridge and highway maintenance.
  • Truck and trailor manufacturing.
  • Construction.
  • Shipbuilding and railroad.
  • Offshore rigs and pipelines.
  • Elevator repair.
  • General metal fabrication.


Model #IPSD#1
  • Drills most popular hole sizes.
  • Size range: 3/8"~15/16"
  • (10) Different sizes with only (2) tools.
  • No pilot pin required (self starting).
  • Drill 1 hole size smaller than annular cutters.
Model #IPSD#2
  • Drills (9) most popular larger diameter hole sizes.
  • Size range: 7/16"~15/16"
  • No pilot pin required except for the 13/16" (self-starting).
Product Specifications
Size Range 3/8" to 15/16"
No. of Holes Assorted
Finish Coating Black Oxide
Model # IPSD#1
Application Enlarges and realigns exisitng holes.For general engineering, bridge and highway maintenance.For use in Powerbor magnetic drilling machines.
No. of Flutes 2
Shank Size 3/4" Weldon
Size 3/8" to 15/16"
Tool Material High Speed Steel
Type Step Drill Sets
Weight 1.54 lbs.
Country of Origin UNITED KINGDOM

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