Super Power Feeds

Brand: OTMT
Machine Shop Solutions

Problem: Hand-cranking your mill is time consuming and can negatively impact finish.
Solution: A hi-torque power feed allows you to easily maintain proper feed and speeds, providing a more consistent finish and saving time.

Less Crank. More Torque.

OTMT gives your hands a break with the Hi-Torque Power Feed, giving you smoother finishes without the higher costs and without the continuous hand-cranking! 650 lbs./ inch of torque is perfect for all your heavy-duty milling, while still keeping you at a proper feed speed so you can get the most tool life out of your cutters! And the convenient power switch, an automatic shut-off and a protective circuit breaker make sure you stay both protected and productive!

Produce more parts without the continual drudgery of having to hand-crank your mill


  • Maximum torque of 650 lbs./inch for heavy-duty applications.
  • Helical gearing.
  • Internal clutch.
  • Automatic shut-off at end of cut or table travel.
  • Variable speed control allows the operator to select the right speed for the selected cut.
  • On/off switch.
  • Protective circuit breaker
  • Pilot light.
  • Made in Taiwan.


  • Travel stop/limit switch assemblies.

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Item #BrandModel #For Use WithMaximum TorqueFeed RatePriceUOMQty
Item #: 80-200-355Brand: OTMTModel #: OSF-YFor Use With: Bridgeport® TypeMaximum Torque: 650 Ibs./inchFeed Rate: 0-32 Inch/MinutePrice: