TESA BROWN & SHARPE TH Series Tesa-Hite Digital Height Gages

Brand: TESA Brown & Sharpe
Machine Shop Solutions

Problem: Measuring vertical attributes can be a tiresome and repetitive process that requires readjustments with every step.
Solution: A smooth air-bearing set-up with an automatic opto-electric design offers fast, easy and accurate results.

These two TESA-HITE TH 400 and TH 700 height gages are both fitted with incremental glass scale from TESA's patented opto-electronic measuring system. Due to their robust and reliable construction, they are ideally suited for dimensional inspection on the shop floor. Full autonomy is ensured through battery power, and each model provides accurate measurement for height dimensions, step dimensions, diameters, centre-to-centre distances and groove width.


  • Easy to use and highly reliable when checking bores or shafts using TESA's unique device for automatic detection of the cusp—patented.
  • Patented TESA's opto-electronic system. Long-lasting stability of the glass scale for unbroken high accuracy.


  • Free SCS certificate.
  • Opto-System reading system.
  • Refined keyboard.
  • Fine adjustment device.
  • Robust for workshops.
  • Air cushion.
  • IP65 panel.
  • Context-based help.
  • Backlit & color screen.
  • Fast measurement.
  • Biggest autonomy on the market.
  • Quick culmination points measurement with Quickcenter dynamic technology.
  • 4 different interface's themes, bridge with old range interface.
  • Height, surface or culmination points measurement.
  • Bore, shaft, groove or rib measurement.
  • Min, max, delta (parallelism) measurement.
  • Distances & centerline calculation.
  • Inch/Metric conversion.
  • Preset.
  • Data management through TLC port (cable or Bluetooth).
  • Data can be sent manually or automatically.
  • Scriber mode.
  • Biggest screen on the market.
  • Biggest digit size (21mm) on the market.
  • Vertical use flow (like a smartphone).
  • Keyboard "click" feedback when pressing the keys.
  • Short learning time.
Ships direct from factory.


  • Height gage.
  • Panel.
  • Probe holder.
  • Hard metal probe,ø5 mm.
  • Masterpiece.
  • Power supply & cables.
  • SCS certificate.
  • Declaration of conformity.
  • Quick start document (hardcopy).
  • User manual in USB stick.

TESA BROWN & SHARPE TH Series Tesa-Hite Digital Height Gages

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Item #BrandModel #Measuring RangeResolutionAccuracyData OutputPriceUOMQty
Item #: 57-017-092Brand: TESA Brown & SharpeModel #: 00730084Measuring Range: 0 - 16.33"Resolution: .00001" (.0001mm), .0001" (.001mm), .001" (.01mm)Accuracy: .0001" + .000004"Data Output: YesPrice:
Item #: 57-017-093Brand: TESA Brown & SharpeModel #: 00730085Measuring Range: 0 - 28.14"Resolution: .00001" (.0001mm), .0001" (.001mm), .001" (.01mm)Accuracy: .0001" + .000004"Data Output: YesPrice: