TRIM® E206

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Problem: Ferrous and non-ferrous machining requirements differ between heavy-duty and high-speed operations.
Solution: A specialized soluble formula combines the lubricity and wetting/ cooling properties required across different applications.

TRIM® E206 is a soluble oil (emulsion) coolant that performs extremely well in a wide range of machining operations on ferrous and nonferrous materials. It has the lubricity and "guts" necessary to do heavy-duty machining center work and still provide the wetting and cooling necessary to do high-speed turning and grinding operations.


  • E206 is designed to run effectively for long periods without the need for costly additives.
  • It can run at lower concentrations for higher speed operations where heat removal is the key issue.
  • Higher concentrations are recommended on soft, gummy materials and for lower speed operations where friction reduction and control of built-up edge are critical.
  • Concentrations of 7% or higher provide the best sump life.


  • A very versatile product which works in a wide range of operations such as heavy-duty broaching, gear hobbing, production, surface and centerless grinding and replacing straight oil on some types of screw machines.
  • Contains highly effective extreme-pressure additives to control built-up edge.
  • Compatible with all ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • Extremely stable & fine emulsion to reduce carry-off and to facilitate getting the fluid to the point of cut.
  • Rejects tramp oil to help extend sump life and increase recycling options.
  • Leaves a soft fluid film to prevent sticky ways, chucks, tool holders and fixtures.
  • Coolant residue is easily removed with water, working solution or aqueous cleaners.
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment.

Technical Data

  • Recommended usage concentration in water: 3.0% - 10.0%.
  • To help ensure the best possible working solution, add the required amount of concentrate to the required amount of water (never the reverse) and stir until uniformly mixed.
  • Use premixed coolant as makeup to improve coolant performance and reduce coolant purchases. The makeup you select should balance the water evaporation rate with the coolant carryout rate.
  • Use mineral-free water to improve sump life and corrosion inhibition while reducing carryoff and concentrate usage.

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