Half Round H.S.S.Jobbers Length Twist Drill
TTC PRODUCTION Half Round H.S.S.Jobbers Length Twist Drill - Cutting Direction: Right Hand   Size : #46   Tool Material: H.S.S.   Shank Style: Straight shank   Drill Type: Jobbers Length

Half Round H.S.S.Jobbers Length Twist Drill

Item #: 01-052-046

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Excellent for drilling brass, copper, hard rubber, fiber and other soft materials


  • For drilling operations in soft materials that can frequently clog the standard helical flutes with chips.
  • For use on soft non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, and soft aluminum. Non-metallic materials, such as rubber, fiber, and paper may also be machined with these drills.
  • May be used with hand held manual drills and either portable or stationary machines.


  • Greater chip clearance for deep drilling.
  • Finer finish at higher cutting speeds.
  • Greater accuracy by minimizing off center problems and drill run-off in deep holes.
TTC PROD A52 118° Point HSS Ground Bright Wire Gage Half Round Jobbers Length Drills

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