Type 45HP Indexable Face Mill

Type 45HP Indexable Face Mill

Item #: 24-524-420
Brand: T&O
Insert Shape & Angle: Square
Allen Screw Size: -
Application: • Surface milling in difficult con

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Type 45HP Indexable Face Mill is no longer available for purchase. If you need information about product substitutions, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-221-0270.
Permits high cutting speeds with limited power machines


  • Surface milling in difficult conditions of steels, alloyed steels, stainless and heat resistant steels, cast irons and aluminum alloys.
  • Recommended milling cutters for CNC machining centers and all type of conventional and vertical milling.


  • The close pitch, super positive, 45° major cutting edge angle, milling cutter reduces cutting forces and permits high cutting speeds with limited power machines.
  • Each insert pocket is optimized to reduce run-out which improves insert life and reduces noise level.
  • The 3/16" thick insert is set with a Torx® screw which keeps the upper face free to allow a good swarf flow and makes easy insert indexing.


Inserts Not Included. Limited Supply. Replacement Torx® Screw, Model #1550, Available As Order #24-521-506, Priced At .
Product Specifications
Brand T&O
Insert Shape & Angle Square
Allen Screw Size -
Application • Surface milling in difficult con
Arbor Hole Diameter 1.250"
Cutting Angle 45°Cutting Angle
Cutting Diameter 4.000"
Entry Angle 45°
Hole Diameter 1.250"
Hole Size 1.250"
Lead Angle 20°High Positive
Maximum Depth of Cut 0.236"
No. of Inserts Required 6
No. of Teeth 6
Overall Height 2.000"
Type Type 45HP Indexable Face Mill
Use Insert # SEHT43
Use Torx Key # T-20
Use Torx Screw # 1550
Use Torx Wrench # T-20
Weight 3.79 lbs.
Country of Origin SPAIN

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