Venturi Coolant Mixers

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Problem: Electric coolant mixers may not offer the reliable that accurate measuring needs due to malfunction.
Solution: A low-pressure pump design maintains precision without complicated moving parts, eliminating electronic failure.

Venturi pumps are commonly used for coolant mixers. The moving water across the coolant orifice creates a low-pressure zone, drawing coolant into the water stream. The combination of the two laminar flows creates a strong turbulent zone in which the two fluids are thoroughly mixed. With no moving parts, the pump has a very high degree of reliability. The needle valve allows for a high degree of precision for setting the proportion of coolant mixed in with the water.

Maintaining a consistent concentration increases sump and tool life


  • Properly mixing provides better emulsions and saves on raw material costs.


  • Separate water shut-off valve.
  • Machined from solid bronze casting with galvanized steel standpipe.
  • Maximum viscosity: 500 SUS
  • 40" discharge tube included, maximum length delivery.
  • Minimum 25 PSI needed (75 PSI maximum).
  • 3 point accuracy using Force-Flo™ technology.
  • Machined needle valve.
  • Locknut below dial holds mixing reference.
  • Standpipe check valve keeps mixing chamber loaded.

Venturi Coolant Mixers

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Item #: 85-515-001Brand: ZEBRA SKIMMERSModel #: MIX03725Type: 3 Gallon, 4:1 Mixer Venturi Coolant MixerPrice:
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