Wiper Turning Inserts


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  • New wiper turning geometries allow for increased feed rates and improved surface finishes.
  • Fits the same toolholders as standard turning inserts.
  • Unique micro geometry "flat"- trailing the radius of the insert- "wipes" the surface finish as you turn.


  • Finish OD turning with higher feed rates and improved productivity.
  • Generates better surface finishes, often eliminating the need for grinding.
  • Two different wiper geometries in three insert shapes to suit your application requirements.


  • Unique wiper corner radius geometry "wipes" away peaks and valleys associated with turned finishes.
  • Fits all the same toolholders as standard turning inserts.
  • Strong cutting edge produces superior surface finishes, even at heavier semi-finishing depths of cut.
  • Use W1 style for very light finishing, and W2 style for general purpose finishing.

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