XNP Face Mill Sets

Brand: AKUMA

Triple Up Your Cutting Edges With XNP Trigon Style Insert!

The XNP Series gives you a uniquely economical 6-edged trigon cutting design, with special relief pockets that help lock in your inserts. When combined with a positive insert rake, tool pressure between the insert and workpiece is minimized for more effective 90° milling. Akuma's coolant thru capability also helps to remove chips, and the increased rigidity design keeps your tools working longer and harder on all of your most difficult materials.


  • Facing, slotting and shouldering.


CM30P Grade
  • First choice for steel (ISO P) applications.
PM15K Grade
  • First choice for cast iron (ISO K) applications.
PM15M Grade
  • First choice for HRSA (ISO S) applications.
PM20M Grade
  • First choice for stainless (ISO M) applications.


  • (1) Face mill.
  • (10) XNEX inserts.
  • (1) Torx® wrench.

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