Abrasives, Files & Deburring Tools
Travers extensive selection of abrasives includes some of the highest quality & best-known products. Our abrasive product selection includes bonded wheels, cut-off wheels, deburring wheels, crimped brushes, wire scratch brushes, buffing, compounds & felts, coated abrasives, deburring, diamond & CBN products, dressing & truing tools, files, honing & lapping, non-woven abrasives, sharpening products & bonded grinding wheels. This includes lines such as TTC, CGW, Pferd, Weiler, 3M, Noga, Shaviv & more! An abrasive is a natural or synthetic grain or mineral used to reshape, resize, or finish a material through rubbing. Abrasives are generally used for grinding, deburring, sanding, and finishing; most often on metal or wood workpieces. It is important to consider the type and size of the grain (larger number means finer grit), as well as the direction of the scratch pattern (either linear or circular), when choosing an abrasive product. With over 150,000 products at great prices with top-notch customer service, Travers has the tools you need!
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