Cold Air Coolant Systems
Cold Air Coolant Systems in form of a gun is a revolutionary solution to heat buildup on dry machining applications. At Travers, we have created the right buying platform where it is simpler for you to choose the right cold air coolant system for your industrial operations. We host Cool Gun Aircoolant Systems from leading brands like Exair and Vortec which are trusted by hundreds of manufacturing factories and plants. The listed products here produce a stream of clean, cold air that maintain the temperature at 20�F and that maintain the temperature between -30�F to 70�F. With these Cold Air Coolant Systems, you can eliminate the disposal costs of cutting fluids and also undo the operator health and environment impact of using these cutting fluids. Cold Guns come in perfect use for common processes like milling, drilling, surface grinding, tool sharpening and more. In terms of air consumption, the Cold Air Coolant Systems can be picked and shortlisted from following capacity: 8 SFCM, 15 SCFM, 25 SCFM, 30 SCFM, 35 SCFM. You can also buy cold air coolant systems that are in stock directly from New York, South Carolina, and California. However, you can also choose from our catalog and filter cold air coolant systems by make (for example, made in the USA), on promotion, or in stock depending on your requirements. Choose from 16 different models of Cold Air Coolant Systems if you are looking for inexpensive alternative to costly mist systems.
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