Taps, Tap Extensions & Tap Wrenches
Travers Tool offers an extensive range of taps to thread holes for production maintenance or repair applications. Taps produce a thread in a pre-drilled or punched hole by removing a small amount of material. The resulting threads are used to hold two pieces of material together with screws or bolts. The removed material (chips) is stored in the flutes, pushed forward in front of the tap, or drawn up along the flutes, removing chips & cutting fluid from the hole. Tap styles include: hand, spiral point, spiral flute, thread forming, pipe, extension, miniature, acme, nut, pulley, S.T.I. (screw thread insert) & high performance. Taps are available in individual sizes as well as in sets in wood or plastic cases. Sizes include all ANSI and Metric sizes. Travers represents popular brands like: Regal, Nachi, YMW, YG, Balax, Reiff & Nestor & more.
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