Co-Ax Type
Facing difficulties in edge measuring? With Co-Ax Type Edge Finder, operators can easily measure edges even while the tool is spinning. The indicator on the Co-Ax Type Edge Finder is housed in a body such that it will not rotate along with the spindle. Thus, the face of the indicator will always face the operator for quick edge measurements. Travers offers Co-Ax Type Edge Finders along with different-sized feeler probes. It can measure the internal capacity diameter range in both metric and inch systems of 5/32 to 12 inches or 4 to 300 mm and an external capacity diameter of 0-12 inches or 0-300 mm. Various models of Co-Ax Type Edge Finder from major brands like Fowler, Haimer, Elite Precision, Asimeto, Phase II come in dial face color white or yellow for easy reading. You can pick Edge Finders with dial indicator readings graduated in 0.0005 inches or 0.01 mm. Enquire with us about the latest innovations and newer additions in various categories under Machine Tool Accessories for faster & efficient machining.
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