Flap Discs
Whether it’s polishing a surface with a tool or just a little oxide removal, Travers is offering you a ton of different flap discs which are less gouging than fiber discs and bonded wheels useful on steel, stainless steel, weld removal, light deburring, scale removal, oxide removal, and blending. Ceramic flap discs will give you a fast, aggressive cutting action on hard-to-grind materials. Best for steel and stainless and other heat-sensitive materials. Zirconia flap discs provide aggressive grinding action which is 40% faster than standard flap discs. Its flap disc type is trimmable. Cubitron type 29 flap discs is specifically made for beveling, edge deburring, and aggressive weld removal. It is ideal for medium-pressure applications on flat and contoured surfaces. You can get a giant flap disc too in this genre. Its abrasive type is coated. Its disc diameter is 4-1/2 inches, 7 inches, and 4 inches. and comes with ceramic abrasive material with a grit of 60 and 80. Cubitron type 27 flap discs is made for oxide removal, light weld removal, light deburring, and blending. It is also a coated abrasive and is of ceramic abrasive material and you can get a disc diameter of 7 and 4-1/2 inches. Zirconia ovation attacker flap discs contain more flaps that are larger to provide longer life and more operator control. It is of type 27 which can be used on flat surfaces and larger work areas. Its disc diameter is 4-1/2 inches and it’s grit comes in 40,60, and 80. Flap discs for aluminum with calcium stearate coating are used on soft metals such as aluminum and blending on stainless steel. It contains less than 0.1% iron, sulfur, or chlorine. Its disc diameter is 4-1/2 inches. Abrasive flap discs provide a consistent rate of cut for a plain finish. It is used for offhand grinding and finishing of metals. If you are looking for an easy-to-use flap disc for your day-to-day life, then a ceramic disc will be the optimal option. Here on Travers, you are going to find over 200 flap discs, according to your needs.
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